When speaking of “traditional archery”, don’t refer to it simply as a shooting discipline. It has to be considered a philosophy that distinguishes its supporters with a clear and definite style. A traditional bow is a particular object which is unique like the properties that characterize it, the wood it is made of, its grain, the natural colors and the construction techniques. Unique objects with which you can enjoy the ancient art of shooting. An instinctive shot without the help of additional aiming accessories. This are all sensations that can be enjoyed when shooting with a traditional bow, whether it is a longbow or a recurve.
Big Archery wanted to create a program for traditional archery with the intent to get closer to its supporters thus being able to satisfy their requirements.

While collecting the topics for our guide about traditional archery we emphasized on the price-quality ratio of the products we distribute and therefore we tried to combine under the brand Big Tradition, beside leading producers such as Bear and Martin, bows and accessories able to satisfy completely our new criteria. Particularly interesting is our range of accessories that has grown in every sector: from the quiver, to the armguard and other complementary components. We hope that in reading our program you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed it to compose it.